Dear Students,

I write to follow up on President Beilock’s email yesterday about the College’s decision to transition to virtual classes for the remainder of the semester. Thank you so much for the many words of encouragement and support for the College’s communications and decisions. I know this is a trying time and I so appreciate the kindness you are showing towards each other and for the greater Barnard community. Please see below for some important updates.

Barnard Residence Halls and Leaving Campus

As President Beilock said, we encourage those of you who can leave campus to do so. The residence halls remain open only for students who have extreme and extenuating personal circumstances that prevent them from leaving. Your personal preference or desire to stay in NYC is not a reason to remain on campus. 

In order to facilitate the move out process (and for those whose personal circumstances necessitate they stay on campus), we are now asking EVERY student to finalize their plans using the Housing Response Form. Move out processes and refund policy details are outlined below. 

Move-Out Process & Refund Policy

  • Students who will be moving out of the residence halls must move all of their items from their room AND return their keys (pursuant to Residential Life check-out process) by March 30, 2020. 

  • Keys must be handed in or mailed/shipped to Residential Life with a postmark or shipping date of no later than March 30, 2020.

  • If students move their things out AND return their keys by March 30, they will get a prorated refund for room and meal plan fees, adjusted for any previously issued financial aid awards, from the end of spring break, March 23, 2020, through May 14, 2020.

  • Beginning Wednesday, March 18, 2020, students are permitted to have third parties (friends, family, moving companies, etc.) pack belongings in their absence. Further information about coordinating this will be posted on the FAQ page, as well as the Residential Life website early next week.

  • If you have not already done so, students on need-based Financial Aid who are concerned about the cost of leaving campus should complete this form. We are here to assist you in your departure. This form can also be used for students on need-based Financial Aid who are concerned about the cost of removing their items from their room by March 30, 2020 due to extenuating financial circumstances. 

  • Please note there will be community safety inspections on all occupied rooms (whether by people or their belongings) conducted throughout the remainder of the spring term.

Campus Services and Visitor Policy 

  • Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, with the exception of move-out assistance, students are not permitted to have any visitors (short-term daytime or overnight) in the residence halls.

  • Please note that there will be limited services available on campus throughout the spring semester. 

  • Hewitt Dining will be closed for the remainder of the semester. Information about available dining options can be found on the Semester Completion FAQs.

  • The Milstein Center for Teaching and Learning will have reduced hours. The Library webpage will be updated with more information.

  • The 119 gates and the Quad gate will be closed beginning the evening of March 14, 2020. The main gate will remain open. Students may exit onto Claremont from Milstein Lower Level and swipe into Milstein (during open hours) from Claremont Ave.

As President Beilock mentioned in her message yesterday, this is not what any of us expected as we wind down the spring semester. I have been so impressed by the tremendous resilience, maturity, and patience you all have demonstrated over the past weeks. Thank you for your continued cooperation. We are a strong campus community and will persevere through this together.


Leslie N. Grinage
Dean of the College


我今晚写信给您是为了跟进校长贝洛克昨天发出的电邮,内容是有关学院决定在本学期剩余期间内进行在线课程。 非常感谢您对学院的沟通和决定所给予的鼓励和支持。我知道这是一个艰难的时期,因此,我很感谢您们对彼此以及对更大的巴纳德社区表现出的友善。请参阅下面的一些重要更新。





  • 将要搬出宿舍的学生们必须在2020年3月30日之前将所有的个人物品从房间移出并归还钥匙(根据“居住生活退房”程序)。
  • 钥匙必须以邮戳或寄出日期不迟于2020年3月30日的方式交到或邮寄/寄送到《居民生活》
  • 如果学生在3月30日之前搬出并归还钥匙,则将从2020年3月23日(春假结束)至2020年5月14日的期间,按比例地把房费和膳食计划费用退款,并根据先前颁发的任何经济援助奖励进行调整。 
  • 从2020年3月18日星期三开始,如果学生本人无法现人地把个人物品搬出,学生可以邀请第三方(朋友、家人、搬家公司等)来携带她的行李和其他个人物品。 有关协调的更多信息将会在下周初发布在“常见问题”以及“宿舍生活”网站上。
  • 如果任何正在获得经济援助的学生因需要离开校园的费用而感到担忧,我们请您填写此表格。我们会为您提供协助。任何正在获得经济援助的学生因需要在2020年3月30日之前搬出的任何相关费用而感到担忧也可以填写该表格。
  • 请注意:我们在春季学期的剩余期间内将对所有占用的房间(无论被学生占用或是被物品占用)进行社区安全检查。


  • 从2020年3月16日星期一起,除了搬迁援助外,学生不可以在宿舍内接待任何访客(短期白天或夜间)。
  • 请注意:在春季学期的剩余期间内,校园内将提供有限的服务
  • 休伊特餐厅(Hewitt Dining)在本学期的其余期间内将会关闭。有关可用用餐选择的信息,请上“学期完成常见问题”网页。
  • 米尔斯坦教学中心(The Milstein Center for Teaching and Learning)将会减少工作时间。 图书馆网页将会有关于更多信息的更新。
  • 从2020年3月14日晚上起,119街的闸门和通进宿舍的Quad闸们将会关闭。主闸门/前门将会保持打开状态。学生可以从米尔斯坦中心下层(Milstein Lower Level)驶入克莱蒙特街(Claremont Ave.),也可以从克莱蒙特街(Claremont Ave.)进入米尔斯坦中心(Milstein Center)。

正如校长贝洛克在昨天的电邮中所提到的那样,这并不是我们所有人所期望的春季学期。 在过去的几周中,大家都展现出了极大的韧性、成熟性、和耐心,这给我留下了深刻的印象。我很感谢您们一直以来的合作。我们是一个强大的校园社区,并将坚持不懈。

院长,莱斯利·格林尼奇(Leslie Grinage)敬上