Dear Barnard Faculty and Staff,

Yesterday, you received a message from me and EVP Jomysha Stephen about vaccine eligibility in New York State and New York City. It included a link to our new website to share vaccine-related information and resources. We anticipated that this situation would be rapidly evolving, and I am writing already to share an update.

This morning, Governor Cuomo announced that in accordance with new CDC guidelines, New York has updated the groups eligible for vaccination to include people 65 and older, and immunocompromised individuals. 

We understand that the state has sought federal guidance about the directive to include immunocompromised individuals, and we will continue to monitor any clarity on that point and share it with you.

If you think you are eligible, please complete this New York State form to find a site to be vaccinated, or click here to find New York City vaccination sites. We strongly encourage all members of our community eligible to receive the vaccine to make an appointment to receive it.

Please know that we continue to partner with other colleges and universities in New York State to press for further eligibility for all higher education faculty and staff, including campus security personnel.

We will continue to update you as we gather more information, and you can review all the information at the COVID-19 Vaccine website.


Andrea Stagg, Deputy General Counsel