The following message was sent to Barnard staff and faculty on June 30, 2020:


To All Faculty and Staff:

I’m writing to provide information and guidance related to campus access as the City enters Phase Two of its reopening plan. This email gives an overview of how we are proceeding and what is required for those who seek to return to campus at this time.

The initial phase of increasing on-campus activities involved a gradual reopening of laboratory research for faculty, which began on Monday, June 22. The return to laboratory use requires strict adherence to New York State guidance and our own detailed safety protocols, which are being closely coordinated with the Provost’s office. Even with this return to research, it is critical to note that the College has not resumed routine office operations, and our status related to employee presence on campus has not fundamentally changed. City and state guidelines continue to recommend that those who can work remotely continue to do so. However, if there is some new essential need for campus access, we have created a process that we are asking all members of the community to follow, which is detailed below. 

Requests for Access 

This linked Google form will be the means by which you provide information that allows Public Safety and Facilities to plan for, coordinate, provide access, and clean in relation to your visit. Because the resources required to manage such requests are significant, (1) approval of the cognizant President’s Senior Staff member or Vice Provost is required, and (2) the Google form must be submitted at least 72 hours in advance of your planned visit. If there is an emergency need that prevents providing this much notice, please have your Senior Staff member or Vice Provost contact me, and we will explore special arrangements.

Health and Safety Requirements 

Any community member or vendor on campus must follow enhanced health and safety guidelines and should take the online training available for the Barnard and Columbia community. Please review and observe the following guidelines:

  • Wear a face covering over one’s nose and mouth at all times, except when alone in a private office or an enclosed room with the door closed.
  • Keep at least 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) distance between oneself and other people whenever possible.
  • Expect changes to campus access and occupancy limits. Follow signage and guidance on use of campus spaces.
  • Stay home if not feeling well.
  • Visit only the areas that you are authorized to visit, as identified on the Google form.

Testing and Daily Screening

For employees that are approved via the Google form process, daily screening, training, or initial entry diagnostic testing may be required, depending on the frequency and duration of campus visits. You will be contacted if such steps are required.

As you can see, we are proceeding cautiously. We realize that many staff are wondering about possible next steps for a larger and more comprehensive return to campus. Various College groups are working hard to review our options in consideration of the guidance from our local and state governments as we approach a phased reopening for staff. We will share more information in upcoming weeks.

Many thanks for everyone’s efforts this summer to move the College forward.

Roger Mosier
Vice President for Operations